Friday, March 25, 2011

Where is My Gypsy Caravan??

It is a snow day here in St. John's, meaning that the entire city is shut down due to a crazy storm. As such, we are stuck in the house for the entire day. If I were a real gypsy, I would get into my caravan and head South, far far far South, until I hit the warm weather and a beach with hot water!! Since, I am not a gypsy, I will be here, in St.John's, enjoying the snow day, by sewing a tutu inspired skirt!! So stay tuned for some pics which I will try to post in the upcoming weeks!! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Also, it was snowing here too...terrible :(

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  2. Gypsy Caravans...! I've always adored them! Tales about gypsies and songs... everything, they just seems very interesting to me ; u ;

    Also, Happy birthday to your mom! I'm sure she will have an amazing day with such a loving daughter like you c:
    Make sure you get her a BIIIG cake!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  3. happy b-day to your mom! best wishes

  4. Tutu skirt? ok, must post pics AND sell om etsy bc i need me one!
    love, live & wear

  5. cute caravan pics. Making a tutu sounds cool. thanks for yoyur lovely comment :)

  6. ooohhh...can't wait to see the tutu inspired skirt! i love a tutu. i want to wear my 3yo's tutu but it won't fit. haha.

  7. Have a BIGGGG Weekend!!!!!!!!
    xoxo JoID

  8. I would like one too ...


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