Monday, March 14, 2011

Pink on Pink

This was my first attempt at playing with the color block trend. And, since I have an abundance of pink in my wardrobe, I thought I would layer my bright pink jeans with a light pink cardigan. I would have loved to take off my blazer to show you the color contrast of the pinks, however, it was just too cold and I couldn't bear it. Luckily these pictures were taken last week as the snow is now almost gone!! 



  1. I love your bright pink pants! I think you should take them to the next level and go all pink!

  2. Love the pics! I think you look great with pink!

  3. Great photo shoot, you look fabulous! Love the light pink cardi with those strong pink trousers :)

  4. loving your use of the belt and the pants! Colorful separates are a huge trend right now! I'm actually working on a trend report for them for my blog!

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  6. It is so adorable fuchsia color~ I love it~!! It takes me to one sunny spring day. :-)

  7. I think it worked out really well! Love the position of the belt, too!

    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS

  8. I love your outfit!
    Thanks for the blog comment, Karen!
    Following you now...

  9. OMG! I am so jealous of your pink jeans....I've been searching for a pair of bubble gum pink jeans....but you have to FIND them, I don't believe in buying jeans online!

    thanks for the follow + lovely comments!
    love, live & wear

  10. I adore everything about this outfit! You have such a fabulous since of style.

  11. What a fun outfit! I would love to have a pair of bright pink pants. You did the color blocking really well.


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