Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Find of the Week!

The walls in our apartment are still a little bare since we did not bring any art with us from Saskatchewan. As such, I have been dreaming of some wonderful art that I would love to hang on my walls. Here are a few examples, aren't they lovely and whimsical!!!  I am seriously considering buying the one with the feather, there is just something about that screams my name!!

LOVERS by Brooke Wandall original oil painting on paper

PINK FEATHER byBrooke Wandall original oil painting on canvas board



  1. I really like these. That is a very good find. She's got great painting technique, and I like her color choices.

    Have a wonderful day love!

  2. Oh~ I love the feather one too~!! It is so beautiful~!!

  3. I love to look at art on Etsy. So much talent.


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