Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspired by Frida Kahlo

Check out the Frida Kahlo shirt. It is made and designed in Sayulita, Mexico by a French couple. The name of the company is called Revolucion Del Sueno and there are only 100 shirts printed with one design so each shirt is numbered. So, I not only love the shirt because it is like wearing a piece of art but because has Frida Kahlo on it - the classic image of Mexican art. Influenced by indigenous Mexican art, Kahlo's self portraits are renowned for their dream like quality. She was not only an important political warrior but she became one of the world's most important artists. An inspiration to me and many others, like a tribute to her image and what she stands for, I am proud to have her on my shirt.

I think that this Frida shirt is so fitting for me this week as she was often referred to as the wife of Diego Rivera, despite her many accomplishments. I thought of Frida when I  was also referred to as Dominic's wife during a business meeting. It is true, I am his wife, however I am also a person with a name, who owns 50% of our company. Although I cannot compare my accomplishments with Frida's, I can sympathize with her and protest for my name. 

So I know that this background doesn't really match the outfit, but I kind of enjoy the contrast. This is what I happened to be wearing as we drove by this amazing place. I think it is the remnants of an old Spanish style house in a small town called San Pancho. Sort of suiting for the whole Frida Kahlo theme.

Shirt: Revolucion Del Sueno
Jeans: Vero Moda
Shoes: Hand made in Argentina
Necklace: Pyrrah

Muchos Besos,

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