Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just Sip It

Dominic and I are in Mexico working on a little Tequila venture. Tequila is actually such an interesting liquor, it is much more than a drink to be had a shooter. Rather, we are finding out that it should actually be sipped, just like one would do with a fine wine or scotch. There are some really cool brands of Tequila out there. Hopefully they will make their way into Canada some day real soon. 

These are the Agave plants which the Tequila comes from.

The hearts of the agave which are roasted and then crushed to extract the juice out of them.

Dominic and I hard at work on a tequila farm....

Jean Skirt: Gap
Tights: DKNY
Belt: Vintage - Found in my moms closet
blouse: Club Monaco
Cardigan: Vera Moda

This outfit is not something that I would normally put together, but when business calls there is sometimes no choice in the matter. I was going for the whole cowboy professional look without looking too over the top. I am not sure if I achieved it but the combination of the boots and jean skirt made me feel like a cowgirl anyways.

Bye for now, 

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