Thursday, March 18, 2010

Remnants of St.Patrick's Day!!

Did you dress up for St.Patrick's Day??? I didn't actually wear green but I am going to post these pics and pretend like I did!! I have never been one for wearing green on March 17, as my whole life I have tried to dress differently from everybody else and to use my clothes to express myself in some unique way!! To dress up would have defeated the purpose of my entire life philosophy - so, yesterday I wore purple!!!

I apologize in advance for the pictures being a little bit dark but I think you can still get the gist of it!! We were in a hurry to take the photos before we went out for dinner! Dominic's parents were actually down here in Mexico for a few weeks and it was their last dinner before they flew out in the morning!! We decided to have tacos because you can't get the real tacos in Canada like you can in Mexico.

I think this is the perfect summer/beach vest. It is made from silk and viscose so it feels so soft on your skin which is perfect for the hot and humid weather. And it is a little more exciting than a simple tank top. The vest is even reversible! The first few times I wore it out, I actually wore it the other way around and without a belt, but now I think that I am really enjoying it this way! I will try to post another outfit wearing the other way around so you can decide for yourself.

We didn't manage to get a good photo of the back of the vest so I took this one when we got home from dinner. I think the back is the best part!!

Tank top: American Apparel
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Frye

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. what a neat vest. love <3

  2. Hey Girls,
    Thanks for checking out my blog!! It is fun to know that people are interested!!!



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