Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Style vs. Comfort

Ohh, the joys of an amazing sunset at the beach. It is hard to beat a moment such as this one. Although I know that this dress is not the most stylish piece in my wardrobe, I love it to pieces. There is something to be said for simplicity, which I think this dress paired with a cute little red pair of Repettos does a very good job at. 

My very stylish Finnish friend once told me that you can't follow all of the fashion trends of the season. Rather, you have to take a few of the trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe and make the trends your own. You have to wear what you like and for me the most important thing is to be comfortable - what ever that means for you. 

For me, being comfortable means I feel good in what I am wearing. It also means that I do not, under any circumstances, ever, wear high heels or a dress/skirt that is too short which you have constantly be concerned about. Does comfort matter to you??? What does it mean to be comfortable to you??

I love whoever thought up putting pockets in dresses!! Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.
I love the back of this dress!!

Dress: J.Crew
Shoes: Repettos


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