Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Save the Turtles!

Six of the seven seas turtles in the world are from Mexico and most are  endangered. While the sea turtles spend most of their lives in the sea, they are born on the beach. The mothers can lay their eggs in the same spot as they were born and they can lay up to 200 eggs in each nest which need to be incubated for a period of 45 to 52 days. 

Due to many of the Mexican beaches becoming populated with people, the turtle nests are being destroyed and the baby turtles are not surviving. There are now some initiatives put in place to guard the nests for incubation period and make sure that they get back safely to the water. 

The beach that we were staying on had tons of turtle nests and there were people watching the nests making sure that the baby turtles would get back to the ocean safely. They let me pick one up which was pretty exciting. I hope these turtles make it!!

Aren't they cute???

You can check out HEART for more information on how to help the turtles.

P.S.- Happy St.Patrick's Day. Don't forget to wear something green!!

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