Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Sky In the Morning, Sailor Take Warning!

We have been having absolutely amazing weather here. Just hot enough to enjoy the beach but cool enough to put a light sweater on at night. It is sooooo nice to be in an endless summer!!! 

So, another nautical inspired outfit, and sorry to say I can't promise that it will be the last one either. As I look at my wardrobe I realize that I have many nautical/sailor inspired items. I am not sure if it is because I am at the beach or if I am just drawn to them, or maybe because one day I would love to have sail boat to sail across the sea. Oh, how nice it is to dream, actually I think that dreaming is essential. If you can't dream, you can never achieve those dreams. 

Cardigan: Zara
Tank: American Apparel
Shorts: Valerie Dumain
Sandals: Birkenstocks

Have a Wonderful Weekend and Keep Dreaming,


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