Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Overalls..... Oh So Softly

Inspired by the prairie settlers of north america, overalls are making a comeback this season (or maybe last season). They have been popping up all over the runway shows and in recent photo shoots as well. And I have to say I LOVE THEM. When I purchased my first pair in November, I think most people thought I was crazy, now as they are being seen more and more, I hope people realize I am a little more sane than they thought!!
J Crew Spring Summer 2010
Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 RTW
Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2010
Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung  - She always gets it right!!

My Built By Wendy Overalls have basically become my new uniform. I LOVE them. They are not only super cute, but so comfortable as well. While overalls are hot for the Spring/Summer collections, these are from last season.  I think that Wendy was a bit ahead of her time on these ones. This was the only line to put out overalls for the last season. I had to search long and hard for overalls, and finally I found some - and they are amazing. While I think many different looks can be achieved with the overall, this is my oh so softly look. The material is a soft jean, the legs are wide enough. I wore this outfit to go grocery shopping downtown - hence the shopping bag  which was full of deliciosu fruits and vegetables - the pirks of living in the tropics.

Will I buy another pair for the summer months - you bet!!!

Jean Overalls: Built By Wendy
Pink Shirt: H & M
Shoes: Frye
Scarf: Vintage
Super Market Bag: Purchased at the Market in GDL

Muchos Besos,

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