Monday, March 29, 2010

Mexican Chicas!!

Our friends from Saskatchewan came to visit us last week in Sayulita!! We had a wonderful week with them which we spent in a cute little bungalow!! We drank lots of margaritas, laid on the beach, went surfing, went for a boat tour and even caught some Mahi Mahi! I will try to post as many of our adventures as I can over the next week so stay tuned!!

My gorgeous friend Jordan is both super creative and stylish so we always have a ton of fun talking about clothes, jewelery etc. I was so happy when she accepted my invitation to be on my blog with me!! We had so much fun taking these photos together and I really think that she should have a blog as well! Although we didn't plan it, our outfits seem to match quite nicely. I think it may be one of my favorite photo shoots yet!!

I am wearing my new jean jumpsuit from United Colors of Bennetton!! I love it so much that it has almost become my uniform down here. It is perfect for all occasions from the beach to the city!! Jordan is also wearing a jean skirt along with some goodies that she found in Sayulita. She found her sandals in a store along the beach for a great price because they are leather and handmade. She also bought her necklace on the each which was a great find as well because it is full of real fresh water pears. I think it is soo pretty!!! 

Jean Jumper: United Colors of Benneton
Shoes: Hand made in Argentina
Earrings: Bought on the beach
Hat: Zara (It is Dominic's) 

Skirt: Mac and Jac 
Tank: H & M
Shoes: Hand made in Sayulita
Necklace: Sayulita
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Hat: Urban Outfitters

Ciao Bellas,

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