Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alex Monroe

We have met so many wonderful people in St. John's since we have moved here. One of our friends, who is from England has been so happy because his girlfriend is here visiting and we were fortunate enough to hang out with her. Not only was she dressed amazingly but she had the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen. Upon asking here where she got it from, she told me it was Alex Monroe, an English Designer and I was instantly in love. The collection is so whimsical as it entails everything from beautiful birds and bees to enchanted little watering cans!! Make sure to check it out!! I know that I have just started my savings account to one of these beauties!!

These rings are from the Eyebright Collection and are only just a glimpse of what the collection has to offer!!  I love the aquamarine one in the middle!!

And of course, since I  spend my summer working with bees, I am absolutely smitten with this little bee necklace!! I would love, love love to have one!!


  1. The jewelry pieces are gorgeous. I just browsed through the site and found the citrine twig ring to be my favorite. A possible b-day gift wish item. I think so, time to drop the hints to my Bf. Thanks for the post.

  2. I love the Alex Monroe bee pendant too - so pretty!

    The doll on fashion

  3. beautiful, I would totally wear these

  4. Thank you! Oh, it was a present so I have no idea :(
    Hope you have had a nice day!

  5. These rings are lovely! Really like the second one from the right :) xo

  6. Those rings are just my style. I think I like the green one best. Thanks for opening my eyes to this designer.

    You Are My Favorite

  7. I love the ringssssss! My favorite is the second from the right! (the blue one!) WOW i wish i had one...hahah, maybe one day D:

  8. Beautiful rings!



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