Thursday, April 28, 2011

oh the joys of blogging!

Although my blog is not the most popular blog in the fashion world, there are so many things that I love about blogging. One of my favorite things is getting a glimpse into the lives of bloggers from around the world. It is the most amazing feeling when you know that you have made an impact on people's lives, both close to home and across the world. 

One of these moments recently happened to me with my latest give-away!! I originally got the necklace for my give-away from my most creative friend in Saskatchewan. Then I brought it out to Newfoundland with me, where I did the give-away. The lucky blogger who won the amazing necklace was from Argentina. So now, the necklace made by my friend in Saskatchewan, is all the way in Argentina - how cool is that!!! 

Here is Rachel sporting the wondrous necklace. I think it looks fabulous on her and I love the way she has styled it!! I think the white t-shirt makes a great backdrop for the necklace, like she is showcasing a piece of art!! Make sure you check out Rachel's Blog.... there are lots of cool things going on!!

Happy Thursday,


  1. What do you mean how she styled it...? She is just wearing a white t-shirt...

  2. Oh Anon, you are too funny!

    Hehe, I think it's so cool that the necklace has made it's way around the world, and I love how blogging has really opened the world up, in it's own little way -- it's a real glimpse into the lives of others, something you'd probably never even see if you visited yourself.

  3. white tshirt, thats classic! The best, she looks great!

  4. FYI...the first Anon was not me (S). The necklace looks great!

  5. I love seeing into people's lives around the world too - it's so mad being able to contact people and share things globally. A bit of voyeurism at its best!

    Great necklace and thanks for your comment :)

    Sadie xx

  6. Yep it's defnitely cool that it's made its way to argentina! it looks great on her :)

  7. I think the bloggerspace is an incredible because the blog after blog open meet people from around the world (their ideas, experiences,outfits, etc.), really amazing!
    kiss darlin!
    my blog -follow me ...from Peru!


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