Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell!!

Alexa Chung, a model and recent MTV starlette (although her show has recently gone off the air) has put out a Spring clothing line for Madewell. I think the collection is going to be great, with the  combination of Madewell (with their super hip yet simple style) and Alexa Chung (who's style emulates a 70's love child and an ultra modern hipster)!!!

In an interview with Mark Holgate for Vogue Magazine, Alexa described her designs as, "Things my girlfriends would wear, and say 'That's sick!' " She told Holgate to, "expect high-wasted pants and jeans and velvet dresses with Peter Pan collars. I want to bring back forties tea dresses, sixties mod dresses...... I want to bring cute back." 

While the line doesn't come out until September 2010, here are a few previews I managed to find online.

Love the high socks!
Cute Bow in her hair!
Clogs in the collection are amazing!!
Beautiful Belt!!
Photos Via Madewell Facebook

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