Friday, April 16, 2010

The Chivas Football Game

One of our friends Galen,  who visited us in Guadalajara loves football (soccer).  So a bunch of our friends got together to go to a Chivas game. The Chivas are the local football team in GDL and in my opinion they are the best - not that I am into sports in any sort of way!!! But, new things are always great and I have never been to a football game before so I was so excited to go. Like any event that I am excited for, I put on my best clothes!! For this event however, it turned out that I was way over dressed with my silk dress and dangly earrings. But no bother, all of the fans were so focussed on the Chivas winning the game that I am sure they never noticed.  

Galen and Dominic bought these Chivas Jerseys in the Market!!
Our Chivas Cheering Squad - Some of our best friends in the world!!  

Have a Wonderful Weekend,

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