Friday, April 02, 2010

My First Real Follower

Last night we went out for a drink in celebration of the blog getting its first real follower!! Well actually it is my second follower but the first one was my husband so I am not really sure that counts!! Anyways, I think you should all check out her amazing blog called Tog and Trappings!!!! She has great style, is super creative with her outfits and seems to be super fun as you can tell by her picture below!! Definitely not a follower of trends but trend setter!

We went for Martinis at one of the trendiest nightclubs/bars in GDL which is conveniently located on the same block as we live on. The bar is called Santa which is named after the Virgin of Guadeloupe - an important image and symbol within Mexico. The image is also fundamental within Mexican Folk Art which is cool amongst the hipsters here. Although the hipsters here a little different from the ones in Canada, the basic concept remains to be the same - they have hippy values such as saving the environment however, their sense of style, choice of music and where they spend their time is very important to them!! Santa is one of these cool places to hang out!

Have a great Weekend and Happy Easter!!

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  1. wow, thanks so much for mentioning me! you deserve a large following. i know it can be exciting to see that "wow, someone actually reads this other than me!"


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